Group Conversion

If you are about to lose your group benefit coverage due to retirement or other circumstances, we do transfer/conversion plans to individual coverage with little or NO medical questions. We are experienced in underwriting Group Life & Healthcare Conversions for PEBA and other Government & Private Corporations since 1989.

  • Living Benefits - Health and Dental
    (applications must be made withing 60 days of loss of coverage)
  • Life Insurance
    (applications must be made withing 30 days of loss of coverage)
  • Long Term Disability/Executive Out-placed Coverage
    (Special conditions apply)

Self Employed / Independent

We offer extensive services for self employed and independent clientele.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health & Dental Coverage
  • Disability & Critical Illness plans 
  • Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)
  • Overhead Expense Disability Plans 

Mortgage Insurance

We offer standalone life insurance plans to cover outstanding mortgages balances and underwrite life and disability.

  • Term Life (10-30 year options)
  • Disability Insurance for Mortgage Payments (24 months)  
  • Disability Protection for Mortgage Payments (to age 65)

Group Benefits

We work with major Canadian Insurance to match the best type of plan to your company needs. We've been serving Saskatchewan for over 25 years. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you to achieve peace of mind and security with maximum tax benefits.

  • Life/Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Short/Long-term Disability Coverage
  •  Extended Health Care, Drug Coverage , Therapists, Vision
  •   Employee Assistance
  •  Dental Care - Basic, Major Restorative, Orthodontics
  • Health Care Spending Account

Additional Services

Conservative Investments

Segregated Funds with principal guarantees.

Annuities, RRSP's, and RRIF's with guarantees. 

Retirement Services

Retirement and Succession Planning.




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